Racy times with Roxxxy

Let’s talk about sex (with robots)

7000 USD can now buy you alternative forms of intimacy with a companion/sex robot developed by the American company TrueCompanion. Some people may find the idea of this revolting, perverted or just plain weird but with sexuality playing such a fundamental role in our lives
there are major factors driving this new market.

Naturally,  this new product can be used to fulfill a vast array of  fetish-filled fantasies but it can also fulfill  the more basic needs of people who can’t engage in safe sexual experiences due to an STD or physical disability.

However, Roxxxy wasn’t just developed for sexual uses. She can talk, listen and be programmed with one of 6 different personalities. Apparently, the company has plans to soon manufacture Rocky, the male version of Roxxxy.

On another note, is it somewhat sexist to make the first sex robot female?  In Andreas Huyssen’s  The Vamp and the Machine: Technology and Sexuality in Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, an analysis of of the 1927 German science fiction film,  he states that ¨the film suggests a deeply problematic homology between woman and technology, a homology which results from male projection: Just as he invents and constructs technological artifacts which are to serve him and fulfll his desires, so woman, as she has been socially invented and constructed by man is expected to reflect man’s needs and to serve her master¨.

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