The Human Revolution

¨I’m now filming your bionic hand with my bionic eye¨

Protagonist of  Eidos-Montreal’s new video game Deus Ex: Human Revolution,  Adam Jensen is a crime fighting cyborg in the year 2027. Like real-life cyborgs, the video game character underwent radical surgeries to merge his body with mechanical parts after a devastating accident.

To celebrate the game’s August release, the company commissioned self-proclaimed ¨eyeborg¨Rob Spence to make a brief documentary to give us an idea of how far today’s bionic and prosthetic technologies are from being capable of creating cyborgs like Adam Jensen.

Spence lost his eye to a shot gun accident and now uses a bionic one that acts as a camera, transmitting video to a receiver. While Spence’s prosthetic eye includes no direct interface with his brain, the documentary introduces us to  Miikka Terho who suffered from genetic blindness until a 3×3 mm chip implanted under his eye allowed him to detect objects with his own eyes.

This documentary will give you a glimpse of these and other prosthetics as well as the amazing people who use them. It might also make you wonder how far off we may be from our own kind of human revolution as this type of technology continues to evolve as quickly as the rest.

Check out some videos of South Africa’s  impressive athlete Oscar Pistorius who was born without a fibula.

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