FET Flagships Pilots Midterm Conference

Held November 24-25 at the Warsaw University of Technology and the University of Warsaw.

The 6 FET Flagships showed off their stuff  at the midterm conference, involving about 250 European scientists and policy makers, who assessed the progress made by each of the flagships, reevaluating their goals and the possible impacts they will have.

In addition to presentations from each flagship consortium, the conference also included a dialogue between key political players who  framed the FET flagships in the context of current EU research policies. The conference also  shed some light on the bigger picture behind the flagship initiatives during a discussion about how these initiatives present an opportunity for Europe  to engage with international stakeholders. The role of civil society and ethics in the FET Flagships was another key issue that was examined.

Click HERE to find out more about the Robot Companions for Citizens flagship, an ambitious initiative which aims to sustain the welfare of Europeans through the assistance of sentient machines.

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