Robots With Gangnam Style

You may recognize this machine’s winning dance routine!

South Korean pop artist PSY’s song Gangnam Style has become an international sensation. Some consider the song to be unique and catchy yet others maintain it’s rather repetitive and annoying. While the tune might get old, most will agree that PSY’s dance moves will not! And now that Gangnam Style has gone viral, even machines are moving to the melody!

Early this month at a robot dance competition in Hangzhou, China, first place was awarded to a bot designed by Zhao Sheng that performed a routine to the South Korean hit.

The dance competition was part of the second Chinese Intelligent Exposition and Industrial Summit Forum and it had nothing to do with the common concept of “doing the robot ” — stiff movements were replaced with some pretty intricate and creative choreography! Along with dancing, robots were also judged on their boxing and serving skills.

More than 30 contributors from six universities took part in the event which even included robot ballet. You can read more about it from China’s CCTV HERE

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