Make Your Own Robot

Designed, programmed and printed!

The video above displays three prototypes resulting from a new project lead by MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL). With a 10 million USD grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the collaboration of teams from Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania, researchers hope to develop technology that could enable anyone to manufacture their own customized robot.
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Robot Companions

The goal is ambitious but there’s a motive behind it!

The video above by Reuters features some of the robots that were on display at this year’s INNOROBO Conference in Lyon, France. A recent article in the BBC which featured the conference suggests that it may be time we forget about the idea of robots as companions however, some of the robots displayed in the video above seem like they could provide valuable human accompaniment to suit a variety of human needs.
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Demand for Domestic Bots

68% of participants in a market research survey think domestic robots would be useful

Furthermore, the survey indicated that nearly half of that 68% would even take out a loan to buy one in the future!

If you had a robot at home, what are some of the tasks you would have it do? Participants of the survey stated that help moving heavy objects was at the top of the list. Other robot-worthy tasks included  providing home security,  cleaning windows, washing floors and dishes and doing laundry.
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Luna Lends a Hand…

or at least a metal arm

RoboDynamics has created a new personalized domestic robot: Luna. The robot can help out with all sorts of domestic tasks that you can program for your specific needs. It can help you clean after a party and even walk your dog. Of course other forms of domestic robots exist. Most of us are familiar with the vacuuming robots, lawn mowing robots, and pool cleaning robots which tend to be designed for functionality. Hospitals and city streets have
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