Robots Vs. Jellyfish

Sea_Nettle_Jelly_1Jellies are on a world-wide rise: we’ve made the mess, now it’s time to clean it up!

They may be found in swarms of marvelous colours, or floating solitary like transparent pieces of blown glass. From waters East to West, and North to South the jellyfish knows Continue reading

Robots With Gangnam Style

You may recognize this machine’s winning dance routine!

South Korean pop artist PSY’s song Gangnam Style has become an international sensation. Some consider the song to be unique and catchy yet others maintain it’s rather repetitive and annoying. While the tune might get old, most will agree that PSY’s dance moves will not! And now that Gangnam Style has gone viral, even machines are moving to the melody!
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Robots Monitor Prisons

A South Korean effort to reduce stress among corrections officers

Prison guards often face high levels of stress due to under staffing, overtime and rotating shift work associated with their work. This often results in burnout, health problems, high turnover rates and even low life expectancy.
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Welcome to a Robot-Lover's Paradise

Robot Land is scheduled to open in 2014  in Incheon, South Korea

South Korea’s  got robots covered; from classrooms to the Northern border, the nation’s using robots to support humans just about anywhere.   But their robots aren’t all work and no play; Robot Land’s creators aim to foster ¨robot culture¨ bringing its visitors
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