Robotic Therapy Gets Paralysed Rats Walking and Running

These rats are back in action!

Grégoire Courtine and his team at The École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) have been using a robotic harness and electro-chemical stimulation to get rats with damaged spinal cords up and running again.
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Europe's Integrative Technology

Robots for stroke patients and more…

The video above features the LOPES  (Lower Extremity-Powered ExoSkeleton) developed by Dr. ir Herman van der Kooij  and his team at the University of Twente, Netherlands to assist stroke patients who are learning how to walk again. It’s a critical time to invest in projects such as this one as Europeans- and many other populations around the world- are ageing  while the number of care giving professionals is dwindling.
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