Robot Companions for Citizens

An introduction to one of the FET Flagships

The video above was presented by the Robot Companion for Citizens Flagship Initiative at a conference in Warsaw at the end of November. Robot Companions for Citizens is currently one of 6 research initiatives in the running to receive 1 billion euros funding from the European Commission over the next 10 years.
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Exploring the Softer Side of Things

Why soft robots are all the rage

Squids, snails and other invertebrates can do things that animals with hard skeletons can’t. For example they can squeeze through small cracks and move across rough terrain. Likewise, soft-bodied robots have some important advantages over traditional rigid ones. The video above displays a soft robot developed by George M. Whitesides and his team at Harvard University.
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FET Flagships Pilots Midterm Conference

Held November 24-25 at the Warsaw University of Technology and the University of Warsaw.

The 6 FET Flagships showed off their stuff  at the midterm conference, involving about 250 European scientists and policy makers, who assessed the progress made by each of the flagships, reevaluating their goals and the possible impacts they will have.
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Graphene Graphene Everywhere!

If you plan on researching Graphene, you’re in plenty of company!

Last year, Andre Geim and Kostya Novoselov, two researchers from the University of Manchester, won the Nobel prize in Physics for their discovery of a new material: Graphene. How did they make this discovery ? They peeled away small flakes of Graphite using sticky tape, resulting in a one atom thick layer of carbon.
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"Thinking" Robots

We’ve been thinking about them for a while…

Hiro, a humanoid robot developed by professor Osamu Hasegawa at the Tokyo Institute of Technology has been proclaimed a ¨world first¨for its ability to ¨learn¨from its environment and research relevant information on the web.
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The Paparazzi Bots

Look who’s roaming the red carpet

The paparazzi bots are five autonomous robots, each standing at the height of an average human. These robots won’t vacuum your floor or take out your trash but they will play on your lust for the limelight, provided you catch their  interest.

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Robots and Royalty

icub meets Spain’s Prince and Princess of Asturias, Don Felipe and Doña Letizia at the Campus Party Milenio, Granada

The event is being celebrated from the 12th -26th of October to mark the  the millennium of the Kingdom of Granada. With over 600 experts  from 22 countries of the
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